I am a lighting designer based in Pittsburgh, PA.  I attended the University of Pittsburgh 2007-2011 where I received a BA in physics and astronomy with a minor in theatre arts.  Between my junior and senior years there, I spent ten weeks in New York City as the lighting intern with American Ballet Theatre during their annual season at the Metropolitan Opera House.  

I spent the years after graduation as a freelance designer and electrician in the Pittsburgh area. Following this time, I went to the University of Arizona to acquire my Masters of Fine Arts degree.  I had the opportunity to design shows, and supervisor the lighting shop.  I also spent some time as a teaching assistant and co-running the lab portion of the lighting class.  The goal of that class was for the students to become familiar with the concepts of lighting design as well as the practical aspect of hanging, focusing, and maintaining lights.  I graduated and received a Master of Fine Arts for theatre arts with a speciality in lighting design in May 2016.

After graduating, I spent a year abroad teaching English as a second language in Taipei, Taiwan.  Then I spent some time as event crew in San Diego with Pacific Event Productions.  

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